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0 Number of occasions, before this game against Sri Lanka, when Ishant Sharma, Umesh Yadav and Varun Aaron played an ODI together. Either one or two of these three bowlers have played in 101 previous ODIs.

18 Number of 50-plus scores for Suresh Raina in his first 100 ODIs. Following his 52 in this game, his 200th, he also has exactly eighteen 50-plus scores in the next hundred ODIs. Raina scored 2406 runs in his first 100 ODIs, at an average of 36.45, and 2602 runs in his next 100, at an average of 35.64.

363 India’s total in their innings, which equals the fifth-highest by any team against Sri Lanka. They had finished with the exact score in an ODI in Colombo in 2009. The first two totals in this list are also by India with the highest of 414 for 7 in Rajkot in 2009.

105 Runs scored by India between overs 21 to 30 after a sedate start to their innings – they were 90 for 0 in 20 overs – which is the second-highest for these overs by any team in ODIs since 2001. South Africa top this list: they scored 111 runs between the 21st and 30th overs in the famous chase against Australia in Johannesburg in 2006.