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Dogs and prisoners share the experience of being outcasts from society. It is no coincidence that we use a lot of dog metaphors to describe negative experiences, like being abused, overworked, or rejected. Have you ever thought you’re being “treated like a dog” or perhaps that you were in the “dog house?” Plain and simple, our society associates being a dog as being less than human, and whether we like to admit it or not, society treats prison inmates in the same way.

But, more than ever, these two marginalized members of society are joining forces and the result is something magical.

Uniting these two castaways, prison dog programs are helping to better the lives of dogs and the prisoners who love them. “Saving Casataways,” an online docu-series, demonstrates the power of prison rehabilitation programs to transform the lives of inmates and dogs. Learning to train and rebuild the confidence of abused dogs, prisoners find the strength to apply these same concepts to their own lives.

Check out the most recent episode below to see the success of these programs first hand with the story of inmate Gregory Jones.