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One of the most wonderful things in the world is the special bond that animals and humans have with one other — a well known fact that pet parents and animal lovers are already aware of. While strong pet-human bonds involve sharing living space and the occasional meal, there also must be mutual love and understanding. This is especially true of loyal service dogs and their humans.

Service dogs provide not only companionship to people with special needs, but also a better quality of life focused on independence. They can improve a person’s health, physically and mentally, all while getting paid back for their excellent services in hugs and kisses. Sometimes, they even get to join in on people celebrations, like service dog Walton from Michigan.

This touching story of a girl and her dog began when 17-year-old Desi met a six-year-old golden retriever named Walton. You see, Desi has cerebral palsy and Walton has been with her 24/7 for the past four years as her loyal service dog and companion. Walton accompanies Desi to school, helps her pick up dropped things, even gets her wallet for her when they are at the store. They make such an awesome pair that both will be walking across the stage at Desi’s upcoming high school graduation! Even cuter is Walton wearing his very own cap and gown.

Loyal Service Dog to Wear Cap and Gown at His Human’s High School Graduation!
“He is going to walk with her during graduation,” Desi’s mother told The Huffington Post. “We thought it would be appropriate for him to wear a cap and gown.”

With the graduation ceremony just around the corner on June 2, Desi and Walton proudly dressed in their caps and gowns to pose for her senior class photos — congratulations to you two for surviving high school!

Never underestimate the power of friendship between humans and non-humans. Just because we don’t all speak the same “language,” does not mean we can’t understand each other.

Image Source: Pete Markham/Flickr