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Do you ever wonder how the Sea Shepherd team find the energy to perform their incredible feats? As they drive Japanese whalers out of Antarctic whale sanctuaries, bear witness to the shame of the Taiji dolphin slaughter, or even grant an abused little boy’s wish to see wild dolphins, what fuels those compassionate activists to keep going?

The answer, as it turns out, is delicious vegan food. Now, the marine animal protection nonprofit is planning to share its favorite recipes with the world via a new cookbook, “Think! Eat! Act! A Sea Shepherd’s Vegan Cookbook.” It will cost around $10,000 to make ($3,000 more than a typical Sea Shepherd release), and so they have set up a Kickstarter appeal to make up the difference.

Sea Shepherd says that the book is “inspired by the Sea Shepherd’s goal of protecting the animals that are victims of human cruelty, this book uses delicious vegan food to show readers that every action has a consequence, and that you can live well and compassionately, even while facing the challenges of being an activist living on a ship.”

This will be the organization’s longest full color book to date, with over 192 pages describing their vegan ideology, profiling a wide range of vegan activist campaigns around the world, and showcasing 80 delicious recipes, many of which are used on their activist ships such as the Bob Barker and Steve Irwin.

It will also be printed at a worker-owned print shop in Illinois, to counter the fact that most full color books are printed in China, “to the detriment of American jobs and labor conditions.”

The appeal ends on April 20 – and the good news is that they have already met their $3,000 goal with 32 days left in the campaign! Donations will continue to be accepted until the campaign closes, so there is still time to help out and score your own copy of the cookbook!