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Despite SeaWorld’s numerous attempts to ward off bad press, looks like the world just won’t cut them a break – and why should we? SeaWorld has been offered plenty of opportunities to change its practices, but has quickly rejected each and every one.

When the Oceanic Preservation Society and the team behind “Blackfish” challenged SeaWorld to a public debate, SeaWorld refused almost immediately. Just a short while after, PETA also came to SeaWorld with a request to hold a shareholder discussion about opening coastal sanctuaries for its orcas and again SeaWorld did all it could to avoid the issue.

And truly, if a company will go to any lengths to hide behind its perverted idea of “conservation,” whereby orcas are kept in small concrete pools in order to perform tricks for audiences, then we should definitely not let them off the hook, which is why we must make sure SeaWorld wins the Consumerist’s 2014 Worst Company in America competition.

While the competition is limited to the online realm, it has already managed to grab quite a lot of press time and can have far-reaching effects on how people view the contenders.

As Seattlepi.com states, “When an organization such as Consumer Reports runs a contest, you can fully trust the honesty and reliability of the results – so the fact that SeaWorld even appears on this contest is significant, regardless of the outcome. This contest becomes a permanent record, so win or lose, all the nominees for each year are retained in the records.”

The first round of public voting is now over, but there is still more work to be done. Currently, SeaWorld has beat out Johnson & Johnson and is now up against Ticketmaster/Live Nation. Voting times are announced on Consumerist as they become available, so be sure to keep track of this space to cast your vote for SeaWorld!

Image source: Josh Hallett / Flickr