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Woody Harrelson is a favorite celebrity in the animal activism world. Not only is he a dedicated plant-based eater, but he’s also lent his voice and star status to a variety of animal causes in addition to environmental and humanitarian ones. In one word, Harrelson is awesome.

In a new effort to protect animals, Harrelson has joined forces with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Humane Society International (HSI) to help end the cruel blood ivory trade which kills tens of thousands of elephants each year through poaching activities.

“No one needs ivory except for elephants. Up to 100 African elephants are brutally killed each day for their tusks. These highly intelligent keystone species are facing the greatest threat to their survival in history,” Harrelson said.

As a Hawaii resident, Harrelson will play a key role in amplifying the HSUS and HSI campaign as Hawaii is the third largest ivory retailer in the U.S., falling just behind New York and California.

“Right now Hawaii has a chance to be a global leader in elephant conservation by ending the illegal ivory trade and setting an example for other states and nations to follow. The world is watching. It is within our power, and our responsibility, to end this cruelty by stopping the blood ivory trade,” Harrelson stated.

Hear, hear, Harrelson!

With the U.S. finally banning the commercial sale of ivory and countries signing on to criminalize poaching, the end of the ivory trade and wildlife crime is nearing.

While this particular issue seems far from home to many, there is always something that can be done by all. Stand with Harrelson and Africa’s elephants and learn how you can help end poaching right here. If you’re a Hawaii resident like Harrelson, keep your eye out for House Bill 493, Senate Draft 1, which will “prohibit the sale of ivory from elephants and other wildlife,” as the HSUS reports. Be sure to call your legislators and urge them to support this bill today.

Image source: David Shankbone / Wikipedia Commons