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When it comes to making conscious decisions for the sake of a better earth (and the subsequent health of all its inhabitants, from the trees to animals to human beings), some companies do a little green-washing (i.e. slapping some trees on their product labels or splashing some green in their signage) — and, then, some companies really get it right. From a commitment to recycling to finding innovative ways to make better choices about materials and workmanship, here are a few companies that, if you’re a tried and true Green Monster, you should consider supporting:

1. The People’s Movement

It goes without saying that the shoe and clothing industry is huge — billions of dollars a year huge. And that’s all well and good, except the production of new clothing and shoes is detrimental to the earth, to workers, and the people eventually wearing toxic-made goods — and let’s not even go there with the landfills full of your old tossed Nikes, people. But then, some companies, like The People’s Movement, are taking a new approach, using materials like organic cotton, recycled plastic bags, non-toxic, water-based glues, and the like. And they fight against the use of single-use plastics in a very direct and prominent manner. Perhaps even better — their stuff is cute! The People’s Movement features an adorable line of men’s and women’s shoes and accessories — all with true eco-conscious flair. Check them out!

2. PACT 

When it comes to clothing, the things we wear closest to our delicate skin are the most important to make sure are actually green, and, while there are a lot of large companies making “eco blend” underwear, boxers, socks, and tees, not all of it is really legit or impactful. But then there’s PACT, a company that is fully committed to greening our delicates and socks. With an array of lightweight, colorful, and fully eco men’s and women’s basics, you can outfit yourself from head to toe in 100 percent organic, pesticide-free goods that you can feel good about. Another great thing about PACT is their commitment to doing good: “Every purchase contributes to a fund that will turn into micro-loans for low income entrepreneurs who want to start their own small businesses. You get super soft, organic socks and underwear, and big-dreamers get their first chance at a first chance.”

3. Freewaters

Did you know that by 2025, two thirds of the globe could face water scarcity stress conditions? Mix this fact with water sanitation issues killing children all over the globe each day and the fact that 1/6 of human beings don’t have regular access to clean water, and we’ve got ourselves a real slippery problem. When you shop with Freewaters, a San Francisco-based shoe and sandal company, you are also providing funding to well projects that will help provide clean drinking water and better overall water conditions. You also get a cute shoe or sandal made with true eco-materials like jute and natural rubber. And for those embracing all the vegan life has to offer, these goods are all completely animal-free too!

There are many other companies doing great things in the fashion world — what are some of your favorite brands that promote a better earth but provide fashionable, practical products at the same time?

Image source: Pact