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Who says kids can’t change the world?

Thanks to the students in Sage School, Idaho’s Ketchum County Council has decided to ban wild animal circuses from their town!

The ban was unanimously passed one month after students approached the county council with their “Elephant Student Project,” a project they had developed in an independent study with the help of a local ADI supporter, Maya Burrell.

The use of wild animal circuses has drawn controversy across the world for their inhumane treatment of wild animals. A number of countries have stepped up to ban wild animal circuses, but the U.S. has yet to put in place a nation wide ban. A bill to ban circuses on a state level was introduced to Congress earlier this month,  however,  in the meantime bans on a state level are an INCREDIBLE move towards that goal!

Elephants used in circuses are forced to do tricks by way of electric prod and bull hooks, instruments that effectively torture the animal into doing headstands. If animals do not perform well they are starved, refused water, or completely ignored by trainers for hours or days.

Wild animals are meant to be wild and suffer emotional and physical trauma when forced to travel the country in a glorified box performing tricks. The work presented by Sage School Students and Burrell highlighted the sort of abuse animals in traveling circuses experience as well as the various public safety issues that animal circuses can present.

The unanimous vote to ban wild life circuses in Ketchum certainly shows that this stellar presentation worked! Now, if only we could these students to present to the President…

Take Action

You can become a rockstar for circus animals just like these students by contacting your local representative and urging them to support Rep. Jim Moran’s bill to ban wild animal circuses in the United States!

Image source: Usien/Wikimedia Commons