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How many shoes do you own? And how many shoes have you gone through in your lifetime thus far? For many living in this country, the answer may be too many to count. We are lucky to have this luxury (so many people in countries around the globe go without shoes altogether), and yet so many of us discard shoes at the first signs of wear. Add to this the amount of garbage we produce. According to Take Part, “Americans are particularly trashy; they produced 251 million tons of garbage in 2012 alone. Only one-third of that was composted or recycled, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.”

Well, this innovative team — a trio of London designers — has come up with an innovative new idea for shoes. Deemed “Everything You Buy is Rubbish,” the shoes are made entirely from garbage! According to Take Part, the team “made the multicolored kicks by collecting plastic from local beaches, melting it in a convection oven, flattening the melted mass into a sheet, wrapping the sheet around a mold, and hand-stitching the components together.”

The team hopes these shoes will raise awareness. “We chose to make sneakers because they’re generally the first items of clothing to show signs of damage, subsequently being the earliest items to be discarded,” said Charles Duffy, one of the three designers. While the shoes are not for sale, the team hopes this project opens eyes. “We hope that the project will provoke some thought before we buy blindly,” said Duffy. “We aren’t aiming to chastise people—just to raise awareness and hopefully spark conversation on the topic.” Check out the video for more information on the shoes and the aims of this innovative project.

Image Source: Everything You Buy is Rubbish