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We have all experienced the feel of standing on our tippy-toes to see what’s going on over a tall bunch of hedges or a tall group of people. Even if you would consider yourself “vertically challenged,” your height woes are no match for those of a meerkat!

Standing at a mere (no pun intended!) 12 inches tall, meerkats can hardly peer over the tops of tall grass to view their surroundings. When trying to keep a lookout for potential predators, this can be a serious problem! Some of their tiny cousins ¬†have even resorted to doing the wave to get a better view…

Luckily, these curious critters have discovered the PERFECT vantage point…the top of a human’s head! Meerkats are notorious for being: 1. adorable (for more proof,¬†click here) and 2. quite resourceful, two traits that certainly give them an advantage in this situation. Making fast friends with traveling photographers, the meerkats in this video take a quick break from scouting to take a couple selfies. You definitely need to see this for yourself!