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What is it with animals interrupting sports these days? First, the PGA tour and now this? Who’s letting these guys on the field?

In this video, a funny pit bull comes out of nowhere during the second inning of an April 27 softball match between Western Oregon University and Simon Fraser. You’d think the dog would have gone after the ball that was flying around everywhere, but instead, he yanks gloves right off of two Western Oregon players’ hands and goes running!

As the laughing announcer says, “That’s really something you don’t see every day!”

Clearly this pit bull thinks the game is all about him, wagging his tail all the while and dodging the bemused athletes as they try in vain to retrieve their sports equipment.

Was this mischievous pooch released as a prank by Western Oregon’s opponents? In any case, the dog’s dalliance didn’t do much damage. The Western Oregon Wolves defeated Simon Fraser 9-0.