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This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a cat and dog friendship here on One Green Planet. Sometimes hard times bring them together, other times they meet as babies and consider each other family.

Meet Hannah, an eight-month-old cat, and Lacey, a 3-month-old puppy. These two young’uns sure look cute together cuddling and sunning themselves on their owner’s patio, not a hint of tension between them (unless you count the puppy play-bites). They’re both still young, too, so they have a full life of interspecies friendship to look forward to.

Did you check out the size of that cat? A little jarring, isn’t it? I wonder how their dynamic changed when Lacey grew up. But something tells me these two are best buddies for good. And isn’t Lacey’s owner lucky? With all those licks from Hannah, she won’t even need to give her a bath.

Watch another video of Lacey and Hannah here.

Image source: Mikleman/Flickr