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One of the biggest challenges facing groups and individuals working to mitigate climate change is the overwhelming, ambiguous idea of climate change itself. After the IPCC released its annual report detailing the devastating consequences that untamed carbon emissions will have on our planet, it became apparent that immediate action is necessary, yet there remains the question of how massive carbon cuts can be accomplished.

The simple answer to this question is: with your help. We all need to pitch in and make little changes in the way we live to ensure that our lifestyles aren’t adding to the planet’s problems (if you’re reading this my guess is that was a no-brainer for you). But as this video montage shows, we are all affected by climate change and it is up to us to voice our opinions and make 2014 the year that real change is made in climate legislation.

Every year the NRDC releases a video like this one that shows us exactly what climate change looks like, from a child who’s asthma is exacerbating by stifling heat, to the farmer in Iowa who’s fields are barren from drought. While these images may sit heavy on your conscience, the video also offers a message of hope, reminding us that no matter how helpless we might feel when faced with climate change writ-large, we all have the power to influence policy makers.

The EPA has proposed a bill that will instate carbon pollution limits on new power plants in the U.S., a crucial part of President Obama’s climate plan. To help ensure that this bill passes sign this petition to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, and let’s help make next year’s video one that shows improvement and resilience!